The technological development of the lighting industry is a great opportunity for our company that allows continuous and dynamic progress.
Solar Technics, as a manufacturer of indoor and outdoor LED luminaires, is also active participation in shaping,
creating and determining new trends prevailing on the market.

Solar Technics expands its offer with LED GX Line indoor lighting fixtures

Solar Technics company extends its offer with LED GX Line indoor lighting fixtures, intended primarily for industrial plants, production halls and surfaces warehouse. Modern LED GX Line luminaires are characterized by high efficiency and durability and aesthetic appearance. The casing is made of aluminum profile and lampshade made of tempered glass ensure long product life. The luminaires are available in different lengths: from 30 mm to 1800 mm and in power: from 35.1W to 157,3W. We offer LED GX luminaires Line also in the form of a lease. We invite you to participate in free tests.

Solar Technics expands its offer with LED interior lighting fixtures

In everyday work it is extremely important for us to listen to the needs of our clients. At Solar Technics, we value also dynamic development. Therefore, by combining these two areas, we decided to expand our offer about LED interior lighting fixtures. The LED GX series products are characterized by the highest efficiency on the market, up to 140 lumens from 1 W. Obtaining such parameters is possible thanks to the use of our projects of the latest technology from one of the world's leading producers equipment and lighting accessories, OSRAM. We realize orders for LED interior lighting fixtures for both public and private sectors. In addition, we offer LED GX in form of a lease. Due to the fact that clients’ comfort and satisfaction is the most important for us the free testing of luminaires is also possible. We cordially invite you to cooperation.

Solar Technics before the chance for Middle Eastern expansion

Conversations and exchange of experience with Egyptian entrepreneurs, resulting in the possibility of presenting a very competitive offer in the field of external LED lighting and the opportunity to establish closer cooperation. Yes, as a Solar Technics company, we summarize participation in a business meeting organized by Employers of the Republic of Poland. Thanks to the use of proven OSRAM components and a unique design designed by our R & D department, we could show potential partners LED lighting luminaries that meet their stringent requirements and will operate reliably in very unfavorable conditions that prevail in Egypt. We hope that a high-quality, attractive Polish product will open an Egyptian market for Solar Technics and allow further expansion in the region..


Solar Technics as an exhibitor took part in the XXXI General Assembly of the Union of Rural Communes of the Republic of Poland, which took place on 24-25 April 2017 in Toruń. During these two days we had many conversations with representatives of local government units. We are happy that our position was often visited by the participants of the Assembly. This confirms the competitiveness of our LED luminaires and the growing interest of local government units with the latest technology available on the market of outdoor lighting.